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Rusty, discolored water from hot water faucets

Loud banging or rumbling noises during operation

An expired warranty (typically 10 years old)

The Benefits of a Water Heater Replacement

A new water heater will deliver better efficiency than your older model, saving you money every month on your energy bills. You'll also have more reliable hot water with a new 40-gallon replacement tank! Finally, and most importantly, you'll have peace of mind from our 100% guarantee — the job isn't done until you're happy! That's why Stewart has been your most trusted local plumber for years.

Know Who is Coming to Install Your Water Heater

When you order a water heater from a national company like Sears, Home Depot, or Lowe's, who is coming to your house? Do you know the contractor that they hire to perform their jobs? Can you trust that company to respect your home and treat you fairly?  If a plumber isn't properly background-checked, you run a serious risk.

Here at Stewart Plumbing, we live by our principles. We believe in delivering service that is prompt, efficient, clean, honest, and excellent. All of the technicians we hire at Stewart Plumbing have passed thorough background checks, drug testing, and reference verification, not to mention continual training in the field. The water heater specialist we send is fully licensed and insured with Stewart Plumbing. All of our jobs are backed by warranties and our 100% satisfaction guarantee! You are getting only the best when you choose us. So know who is coming into your home — call Stewart Plumbing for the solution to your problems today!



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Frank F.

Customer in Arlington

“You guys were great, very nice people, did the job well. I've dealt with a LOT of plumbers for over 30 years as a manager for a contractor (so I believe I'm a good judge of plumbers) and I was very happy and pleased. I appreciate it.”

“I really wanted to say thank you, we appreciate everything, espectially during this busy time with the hurricane and everything. We knew to call your team! You guys are very responsive. The technician was here early, even! Half of the time time I can contractors they never call back, so thank you..”

Customer in Germantown

Karen P.



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Is Your Water Heater About to Fail? Know the Signs

When you wake up to a cold morning shower or a flood in your basement, you know you need water heater replacement — and fast! But you can avoid these disasters by replacing your unit when you see the following

40 Gallon Natural Gas:
Water Heater



Standard change-out only. Upgrades will be additional.

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