Battery backup sump pumps come on automatically when they detect a power outage.

Your crawl space will stay flood-free with a battery backup.

Get yours installed today!

Benefits of a Battery Backup System

Battery backups work hard during a flood so you don't have to. Put your worries aside!
Power outages aren't the only reason for sump pump failure, so it's best to be protected at the most unlikely moments.
Battery backup pumps are pretty resilient, staying on for numerous days to ensure your crawl space is always dry!

Getting Your
Backup Pump

The only wrong time to start thinking about battery backup sump pumps is after a storm hits. Be proactive, and protect your crawl space from flooding. The sooner the better!


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Some backup pumps can work for days a time so no matter when the storm hits, you're covered.

If you had to choose, would you spend a rainy day relaxing and catching up on a good book, or would you like to be cleaning up a flooded crawl space?

Maybe that's not a fair question, because we already know the answer. No one wants to spend time dealing with a flood! But, without a battery backup sump pump, that could be a reality for you.

When the rain is pouring down and the wind is knocking your power lines out, your sump pump is directly affected. No power means no pump.

Avoid that headache with a battery backup system!

What Exactly is a Battery Backup Sump Pump?

It is a device that will be installed directly next to your main pump. The great thing about battery backups is they start automatically when they detect power loss.

They realize when your sump pump is not working, as water will reach an abnormally high level, and will kick start into gear.

It's definitely not worth spending your rainy day in a flooded crawl space. Let the battery backup system do the work for you!

Battery Backup Sump Pumps

Flooding and Power Outages Do Not Mix!

Don't Be in
Ankle Deep

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